About AcrylicFishTank

Here at AcrylicFishTank our aim is to provide a product that won't take away the beauty of the inhabitant living within but rather enhance it further. You get to enjoy the pride and overall experience in full bursting colour and premium optical clarity that only OPTICLEAR acrylic tanks can provide.

ALL our AcrylicFishTanks are manufactured from the highest quality cast acrylic and are HANDMADE using only top quality components. This means that each tank has received personal attention and a personal touch!

Through years of fine tuning, we have worked out the right processes & formulas to create sturdy and reliable fish tanks. 

Custom Made Acrylic Fish Tank

Choosing an AcrylicFishTank will save time and many hassles when it comes to the emptying, cleaning and relocation of your aquarium. 

So no matter your passion, be it fish, reptiles, amphibians or plants, 

contact us now to obtain a quote and make your next tank an